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Coalition Priorities

Infectious Disease

Vaccines are safe, cost-effective, and proven to protect people from potentially deadly infectious diseases. Higher vaccination rates can protect vulnerable Texans from harm.



Maternal Health

Too many pregnant women and new mothers in Texas experience preventable health problems or die prematurely. We must do more to make it safe to be a new mom in Texas.


Tobacco & E-Cigarette Use

Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable disease and premature death in Texas, and new electronic vapor products continue to entice youth.


Chronic Disease

When communities are unhealthy, Texans lose quality of life and taxpayers pay the price. Keeping Texans well wherever they live, learn, work, and play can prevent chronic disease and save lives.



Public Health Infrastructure

Strong public health infrastructure delivers value to Texans every day. As Texas’ population grows and new health threats emerge, Texas’ public health infrastructure must keep pace to prevent paying a high price in the future.


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