Texas Public Health Coalition


What is the Texas Public Health Coalition?




401 W. 15th Street
Austin, TX 78701


(512) 370-1362

Who we are

The Texas Public Health Coalition consists of more than 30 health professional organizations and health-focused organizations dedicated to disease prevention and health promotion.


The coalition works to reduce preventable disease by advancing effective public policies that promote a safe and healthy environment and healthy behaviors for all Texans.

Our Objectives

  • Develop leadership and consensus among health professionals and health-focused groups on critical public health issues.

  • Prioritize and advocate for statewide policies, programming, and funding to address public health.

  • Inform and educate Texas elected officials on the importance of public health.

  • Provide information and analysis on public health policy for media, policymakers, regulatory bodies, and the public.

  • Track Texas’ progress addressing high-priority public health issues.

  • Strengthen interaction between the health care and public health communities.


John Carlo, MD
CEO, Prism Health North Texas